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trying to salvage a weekend.

Previously last Friday, I was scheduled to meet up with one of my best friends in Barcelona who has been studying abroad in Spain. To quicken up the story, lets just say that I never made my flight. I was not late for the flight, because I sat at the boarding gate two hours early. However, since I was not a European Union citizen I was required to have a certain boarding stamp on my ticket, which I did not have and had no idea that I needed. The stamp certifies that my human self identifies with what my passport says. Hence, I am not traveling on a stolen passport.

Well, I had no idea that I needed to go to the checked baggage line when I had not bags to check in to get said stamp. So, I was denied access to the plane. I was devastated.

I am attempting a visit to my friend in Spain soon. Let’s hope it works out.
So, the title of my blog for this past weekend explains that I am trying to salvage my weekend. Since, I was planning to have an awesome time in Barcelona. And now that I was stuck in Dublin, I made no plans. Once I explained to my Dublin roommates of what occurred, they grouped together to help make my weekend better. They. Are. Awesome.

We went and saw the movie “Wolfman”. I had no idea it was going to be a movie that dates back in time, as I was expecting it to be filmed around this era. Also, the girls who did not travel any where else this past weekend went to the Dublin Zoo with me. It was fun just staring at the Giraffes in the African safari. It was as though they were modeling for us on a runway. Also, a baby giraffe continuously tried to chase an Ostrich around. The giraffe was cute and funny as hell. And the baby had some spunk. We also saw Rhino’s and other animals gallivanting around as though they were the most popular being in town. It was fun, but very chilly.
That same day we watched a rugby match in a pub for the Six Nations Tour. Ireland Versus France. There were more people cheering for France than fans cheering on Ireland. What is going on with this world? And, France dominated and won this weekends match up. It was an overall pleasant experience to be in an atmosphere that just showed so much pride for the sport of Rugby. There was  a soccer/ football match showing on the other television at the same time. There were so many Spanish in the pub cheering on their team. What a diverse showing in the pub.

Lastly, moving on to Sunday, a group of us went to a Chinese new year festival that took place on the north side of Dublin (North of the River Liffey is north side, and the same with the south. I live on the south side). The festival was pretty boring. We went later on and missed most of the excitement. However, there was a ferris wheel that we went on and we were able to see the whole city at sunset. It was beautiful! And the cart that we were in was able to spin if we wanted too. I did not, seeing as how I got pretty nauseous on the first spin around. But, the people working the machine did not care. Even though we asked them not to spin us, they exhaled, “WHY NOT”! and twirled us around anyways.

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Last Sunday, I laced up my hiking boots, lassoed my camera case around my neck, and hopped on a bus that would eventually lead my friends and I through a tour of the Wicklow Mountains and Glendalough. Just south of Dublin, I have perfect access to some of Ireland’s true beauty. It was the first time in Ireland that I was outside of Dublin. It was exciting. But, I refused to jump on the bus until I had my caffeine fix…and I bought my first ever scone! Berry Style. Anyways, our tour guide, Ed, drove us down the coastline before we eventually would enter the mountains. Ed stopped a few times along the way, first to a boat harbor that was surprisingly exciting. You know why? Because Ed notified us that we might be able to see some seals that live around the harbor. Sure enough, I saw a seal pop his head out of the water. We all moved towards the seal, like a fly entranced by an electric light. However, our lives were not cut short by its pull, but we watched the fishermen feed the seals. Two adult seals ended up tumbling into the depths of the water trying to snatch the fish away. They had the cutest bugged out eyes. Adorable. We were able to stop another time before the mountains, this time viewing the beach from the road above that included a beautiful sunny day. This stop on the coastline was after seeing Van Morrison’s house and sure enough, Bono from U2’s house (which was actually being renovated). On the gates of Bono’s property were lyrics posted from various songs that the band created. Moving into the mountains, we were able to have one of the most amazing lunches in Ireland so far. Some beef stew (second best to mom’s home cooking). We finished up lunch and eventually drove through the Wicklow Mountain’s. With the unusual snowfall that Ireland received, the van had to avoid one route that would have brought us to sites that were filmed for movies such as “PS I love You” and “Braveheart”. However, we were able to view sites that were in the film “Reign of Fire” starring Matthew Mcconaughey. From what Ed said, when the film was not rolling, locals could watch Matt attempting a rendition of Irish dance at the local pub. Locals claimed he did very well! Now during the trip we saw two waterfalls as well. One was in Glendalough Valley, which was a short walk away from a Monastery that resides next to two lakes. The monastery, founded around the 6th century, was visited centuries later by Oscar Wilde’s father, a eye doctor, who was able to fix the roof of a tower in the Monastery. Any of you reading this into history like that? How about seeing a mountain goat on the trails near the monastery? What a cute goat. From a far. And the sheep…bahhhh. A Sunday in the Mountains was refreshing. And Cold! But, it was a great time. Ed was a good tour guide and gave some useful insight throughout the day. And I would love to visit the mountains in the future. But for now, I will just look out my apartment window at them, since luckily, the mountains are that close to the city that I can see them.

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