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Once I unloaded my things into the apartment, I was picked up by our counselor Colum. We walked through part of the city over to the other apartments to grab the rest of the students that arrived the same day. However to get everywhere, the main thing to do is walk. So, it took about ten to fifteen minutes to get to the other apartment, grab them, then walk to the school which is around another fifteen minutes. So, my transportation this semester is walking, however to get to class everyday is going to take about 25 minutes one-way.

We were given a quick tour of the school, which is really 10 houses together on the same street. One of which is Oscar Wilde’s old home. Crazy history right there!

Anyways Colum told the rest of us that it was a bad idea to go out to a pub tonight, considering we just flew in, etc, etc. Something about Jet Lag and busy day tomorrow…ear muffs what? We basically ignored him and went out anyways. So on the first night, the 9 of us (not all the students flew in yet) went out and had a good time.  But, the accent, clothes, and just the way we act just scream American. I along with two other students were picked on. But Colum said it was the past time here, everyone picks on everyone for joke. I hope so.

The next day consisted of what called Colum calls it “a blizzard outside”. That is pretty hilarious considering its natural that back at home we get around a foot of snow and still will not have school cancelled. The blizzard consisted of an inch of snow on the ground. Apparently this is the most snow they have gotten in over 20 maybe 40 years! So, it takes them longer to realize that they can still live on with snow a little snow. While they figure that out, school cancels, transportation is at its minimun, and the airport closes. So, while we were walking down a street, we watched three ten-year-old kids each carrying a bundle of snowballs. When I was crossing the street towards them, I pelted a snowball at one of the kids chests. That ended up causing causing the kids to scream in retaliation, while me being slammed with a few in the back. Way to start an international snow war. One of the guys from our group was actually was hit by a snowball on the second floor of a pub while exiting a bathroom. Apparently, someone opened up a window directly in front of the bathroom and had people from below target practice on people leaving the restroom. So, the guy was pelted in the chest with one. Pretty hilarious when the guy from our group came walking down the stairs with a big round impression of a snowball on his shirt.

In that same pub, we had one really inebriated old man talk to us for ten minutes. He actually said he has been to Upstate New York before, and randomly kept spitting out random words such as…popping popcorn and mexicans. What? Anyways we left from that pub do go look for some place to chill out at next and watch some football. Eagles lost what!!!? Quite disappointed. Maybe next year? I keep telling myself that. Moving on….we decided to go to another pub and while walking to it, one local actually came up to us looking to ask if we knew where a specific pub was. Maybe meeting with some friends? Anyways, we had no idea where it was at. But we convinced him to join us. His name was Seamus. Cool dude. I think after we said we were Americans, he jumped onto the band wagon. Were just very too resist. Sweet deal.

The following day, AKA today, we ended up going to the Guiness factory. A twenty minute walk from my apartment. I forgot my camera and missed out on some really cool views. The factory/ museum was designed to look like a pint glass! With around 7 floors worth a museum tutorials surrounding it and some taste testing. I was taught how to poor beer as well and was given a certificate of accomplishment. That should count as a three-credit course right? No? Oh well…

The most wicked part of the factory consisted of the top floor.  A 360 panorama view of the city! It was wicked.

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the arrival

Greetings all! So here is the start of our wonderful adventure in which I shall tell you of my life while living in Dublin and other places for the next four months. As a friend of mine put it, Anarchy in Dublin. That is right. Dublin won’t know what hit them. I have already been immersed into the cultural life tagging along with the rest of the study abroad students.

But lets start with me getting from home to Dublin. I mean seriously, who does not want to hear that? Psshh, I got this.

So, after saying farewell to the new world (trying to see as many people as I could before I left and spending time with my family), I boarded on my four passenger flight to Toronto. That’s right, I had a quiet flight with 3 business people, one which actually gave me some altoid mints. Nice old lady. It was one of the oldest planes I have flown in before, in which my seat was smack dab next to the engines. That engine was constantly shaking, which gave me one of the biggest butt massages that I have ever had. Okay, that was  my first butt massage, but still it was pretty bad. My next flight from Toronto was delayed for two hours, which made me late for my final flight from London to Dublin. However, I meet this cool Irish kid name Jon. He was flying back and forth from Ireland to Vancouver these past few months to visit his girlfriend who has been working out there. Anyways we spent the 7 hour flight comparing and contrasting the United States to Ireland in a long conversation. And we ended up teaming together to make our next flight which was already boarding. In a mad dash through the airport, anyone around me could either hear me wheezing for air our giggling in joy (since it was the first excitement that I had, or just watch me running through, do not mess with someone about to miss their flight. Which did end up happening. Probably because I had to file custom papers and had one of my bags in Heathrow being checked thoroughly. That took 5 minutes. The woman actually sampled each liquid by putting each sample on a small glass film and sent it through a machine. Ohh and then made me gulp all the water I had with me, even though I had it on me in the previous plane.

Yeah I missed my first flight.

But Jon waited for me, which was super nice of him and then we took the next connecting flight in from Heathrow to Dublin.

Once we departed ways in the airport, I met up with a counselor from the school and another study abroad student who ended up being on the last flight as I.

The taxi driver whisked us away through a very slow drive through the city of Dublin who gave us little snippets of some of the places we passed getting to our apartments. My apartment has to be around 50 yards from St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Which is really amazingly beautiful I might add. However, not so beautiful when you wake up to blaring church bells that sometimes may last up to seven or eight minutes on Sundays. Yup, that was my alarm clock this morning.

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dublin is just out of my grasp…

Hey everyone. I created this blog to keep everyone updated on my life while studying abroad in Dublin. Also, creating this blog will help keep the memories fresh for me, since I have the tendency to be very forgetful.  However, you will not be seeing another post by me until I actually experience some Dublin excitement. Who wants to hear about Utica anyway?

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